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MERHA HCV Homeownership Program

MERHA is offering this home ownership program to MERHA’s eligible participants who are interested in purchasing their own homes. This program is offered in the spirit of providing multiple choices, in a continuum of care, to the low-income people who are current participants in MERHA’s Housing Choice Voucher rental assistance program. MERHA’s home ownership program is completely voluntary and provides participants freedom of choice. At no time will MERHA directly or indirectly reduce a voucher family’s opportunity to select among available units by limiting the use of home ownership vouchers to particular units, neighborhoods, developers or lenders.

Home ownership assistance offers a new special housing option for families that receive Housing Choice Voucher Program tenant-based assistance. MERHA has chosen to offer the Housing Choice Voucher Home ownership Program to its current participants who are interested in home ownership and meet the program requirements as specified in our Housing Choice Voucher Administrative Plan. The goal of MERHA’s Home ownership Program is to provide families of low-income, disabled families and elderly families who are eligible for Housing Choice Voucher assistance the option of utilizing this assistance in purchasing a home.