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Lynn Alligood

Executive Director

Lynn Alligood was appointed as Executive Director of the Mid-East Regional Housing Authority (MERHA) in October 2016. Mrs. Alligood served as Deputy Executive Director, Director of Administration and various other positions for the Authority for 20 years.

During her tenure Mrs. Alligood has been very involved in expanding access to affordable housing, as MERHA embarked on its first tax-credit award in 1998. This lead to MERHA taking over two more tax-credit properties for the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency in 2000. She also has a strong background in developing successful collaborations among local government agencies, non-profits, and community partners. She believes it is these partnerships that help MERHA better serve their communities.

Mrs. Alligood is actively involved in Public Housing Authorities Directors Association (PHADA). PHADA works closely with members of Congress in efforts to develop sensible and effective public housing statues and obtain adequate funding for low-income housing programs. She is also associated with Eastern Carolina Association of Housing & Redevelopment Officials, North Carolina Housing Authority Directors Association, and Carolinas Council of Housing Redevelopment & Code Officials.

Mrs. Alligood is currently working on strategic community outreach, resident education and public safety initiatives. She also prides herself in providing and maintaining a productive and positive workplace environment.

Mrs. Alligood was born and raised in Greenville, North Carolina. She moved to Beaufort County in 1996, where she resides with her husband and two children.

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Lorina Garrison

Executive Administrative Coordinator

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Sandy Mayo

Chief Financial Officer

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Denise Watters

Human Resources Specialist/Accounts Payable

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Housing Choice Voucher/Section 8

Candis Jones-Vincent

Senior HCV Placement Specialist

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Section 8/FSS Specialist

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Tausca Williams

HCV Placement Specialist

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Annette Bennett

HCV Placement Specialist

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Housing Management

Erica McCloud

Director of Housing Management

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Kathy Williamson

Housing Specialist

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Wendy Rowe

Housing Specialist

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John Taylor

Housing Specialist

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Patricia Likely


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Emergency and After hour numbers ONLY listed below for staff. Please call Patricia Likely 252-752-9548 ext. 2656 to place maintenance work orders during business hours.

Joe Mrkva


(Bay Ct., Hycienda, Secota Village) 

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William Payton


(Deerfield 1 & 2, Winterville)

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Lee Brickhouse


(Union Ct, Wilkins Ct., Somerset)

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Kevin Green

Lead Maintenance

(All Areas)

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Terry Short


(Barnes, Bryant & Pamlico) 

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Linwood Thatch


(Chestnut, Commerce, Robert & Windsor)

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Tony Watters


(Bridgewood, Quail Ridge & Roanoke)  

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